Happy New Year!

So far I’ve not been able to express my thought into words . I stepped into the new year with clarity and confidence, because I know I have a Good good father..

While I’m not a fan of setting goals or resolutions, the Bible always give one thing that is needful.

1Thessalonians 4:11-12 Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we instructed you before. Then people who are not Christians will respect the way you live, and you will not need to depend on others.

In this year, make it your goal to live a quiet life and mind your business. Until Next time!!!

My Anchor

God’s Love hold us together, it’s our Anchor in storm. When everything around is spinning, his love steady our Hearts.

He is our centre of Gravity!

Peace is taking a deep breath in the presence of storm, letting go of all the tension in our body and mind.

The most creative space exist only inside of God, in him we have endless amount of space to run into.

We don’t have to wait till eternity to find our Perfect Peace, we do not have to wait the very next day to find peace. He’s right here within you and me.

Christ is in us the Hope of our glory. The Peace of God is what holds us together, we are not just “matter”

John 14:27-Jesus said I am leaving you with a gift -“peace of mind and heart ” and this peace is a gift, the world cannot give it. It’s Priceless!!!

With confidence I know that whatever will come and whatever will be, I’m held by the one whose name is Perfect Peace!


Why do you think God gave you 5 Senses?

Staring at my ceiling aimlessly, the above question struck my mind this morning – “Why do you think God gave you 5 senses? This question might sound absurd or funny as we all know that we use our eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell etc…… Well I got a different answer !

I believe that these senses were given to us so that we can ” Pay Attention to details… ” Let me quickly analyse 3 out of these sense:

The Heart : Prov 3:23(MSG) says keep watch over your heart, that’s where life starts. It is from there the issues of life comes out from.

God is saying here that we should pay attention to and with our heart.

The worth of a man is determined by the state of his HEART(matt 12:35) It is what’s in our heart, that determines what stays in our minds.. One way we can pay attention with and to our mind is by “keeping it stayed on God via his Word”

The Eyes: Mathew 6:22 describes our eyes as a lamp that produces light for our body. As humans we have diverse ways we learn, some learn by listening(ear), others learn by seeing(eyes).

Our eyes are to be “Single” that is ever focused on God. With our eyes we look, focus, pay attention to Jesus… (Heb12:2),(Heb 12:15).

The Ears: Often times In the Bible you see “He that has an ear, let him hear… ” Jesus in the book of Mathew keep saying to the Pharisees –

Having eyes they can’t see,

Having ears they can’t hear, ….. Why? Because they weren’t paying attention to details i. e the things that matters to God!

It is with our ears, that we listen. (Heb 2:1-2) says that we should listen carefully to the truth we’ve heard, so that we may not drift away………

After all has been said, I got to realise that these 3 parts are linked together -Heart, eyes and ears . It is with these 3 that we focus , listen and understand!

If God pays greater attention to us even to the last details, why won’t we give him our full attention??

Details (1)

Our God is a good good father!

He cares so much about everything, even the tiniest details of our lives.

I have come to realise that no matter how time passes or season changes, God’s word never change.

His standards are not susceptible to change!
His standards still remains sure!

Going through the scriptures, have come to realise that the things of God still cost the same price as it did years ago. They never go up in price or go down in value!

Remember we’re human beings not human doings. Our abilities would always come to its end, but when it does remember the one who is “At the Beginning “


The past few weeks (last month) hasn’t been so easy for me. I was practically stressed out!!

And so it affected my feelings, attitude and my response to peeps. But then I picked up my Bible and began to study because I believe that whatever is happening to me is just a phase and I know that I needed God during those stressful period .

So I said few prayers daily, and declared God’s strength over my life. I decided to do an assessment of what could have led to the “Stress” and why I allowed it affect my feelings (I mean I’m always happy and lively) then God reminded of his word “Nehemiah 8:10 – For the joy of the Lord is your strength . I realised that I all I needed to get back on.

The Joy that comes from God gives Strength even when everything around you doesn’t seem like it’s working or going as planned, or even when you’re having that bad day at work or school.

It is basking in the Joy of the lord, that releases the strength we need ! And that joy can only come from the Word of God...

Thanks to God, I was able to rise above my feelings, learn how to handle stress by basking in the Joy that comes from the lord(yay!) I sure had a great day today!!!!

Happy new month peeps, I’ll also love to hear your own experience ……