Why do you think God gave you 5 Senses?

Staring at my ceiling aimlessly, the above question struck my mind this morning – “Why do you think God gave you 5 senses? This question might sound absurd or funny as we all know that we use our eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell etc…… Well I got a different answer !

I believe that these senses were given to us so that we can ” Pay Attention to details… ” Let me quickly analyse 3 out of these sense:

The Heart : Prov 3:23(MSG) says keep watch over your heart, that’s where life starts. It is from there the issues of life comes out from.

God is saying here that we should pay attention to and with our heart.

The worth of a man is determined by the state of his HEART(matt 12:35) It is what’s in our heart, that determines what stays in our minds.. One way we can pay attention with and to our mind is by “keeping it stayed on God via his Word”

The Eyes: Mathew 6:22 describes our eyes as a lamp that produces light for our body. As humans we have diverse ways we learn, some learn by listening(ear), others learn by seeing(eyes).

Our eyes are to be “Single” that is ever focused on God. With our eyes we look, focus, pay attention to Jesus… (Heb12:2),(Heb 12:15).

The Ears: Often times In the Bible you see “He that has an ear, let him hear… ” Jesus in the book of Mathew keep saying to the Pharisees –

Having eyes they can’t see,

Having ears they can’t hear, ….. Why? Because they weren’t paying attention to details i. e the things that matters to God!

It is with our ears, that we listen. (Heb 2:1-2) says that we should listen carefully to the truth we’ve heard, so that we may not drift away………

After all has been said, I got to realise that these 3 parts are linked together -Heart, eyes and ears . It is with these 3 that we focus , listen and understand!

If God pays greater attention to us even to the last details, why won’t we give him our full attention??

2 thoughts on “Details(2)”

  1. Hmmmm!!!!. Both our eyes and ears are gate way to our heart. When utilized well by paying attention it produce understanding in our heart. We will give attention to details. Thanks Melody. A writer is born 🚼

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