My Anchor

God’s Love hold us together, it’s our Anchor in storm. When everything around is spinning, his love steady our Hearts.

He is our centre of Gravity!

Peace is taking a deep breath in the presence of storm, letting go of all the tension in our body and mind.

The most creative space exist only inside of God, in him we have endless amount of space to run into.

We don’t have to wait till eternity to find our Perfect Peace, we do not have to wait the very next day to find peace. He’s right here within you and me.

Christ is in us the Hope of our glory. The Peace of God is what holds us together, we are not just “matter”

John 14:27-Jesus said I am leaving you with a gift -“peace of mind and heart ” and this peace is a gift, the world cannot give it. It’s Priceless!!!

With confidence I know that whatever will come and whatever will be, I’m held by the one whose name is Perfect Peace!

6 thoughts on “My Anchor

  1. Peace in the worst kinda storms. Well, I desire peace even in the gentlest storm. It’s tough for me sometimes to give in, stop worrying, and allow Him take total control cos it’s in my nature, maybe it’s human nature, to attempt to proffer solutions to my problems. The tendency usually is to call on God only when stuff is getting outta control. I know now that the Lord is not waiting in the wings like a firefighter to fix our big messes, He wants to be involved in all our choices, great and small. He wants to help us keep our peace in the face of decisions both great and small. God help us.
    P.S: Sorry for rambling lol


    1. Yes, yes! The peace of God is our anchor! May he keep your heart and mind. Thanks for commenting.


  2. God bless you sis
    Whatever may come, whatever will be, I’m held by the one whose name is perfect peace.


    1. Amen! Oh yes, yes Dear Sis😘😘😘😘


  3. Peace, a fruit of the spirit that can never be undervalued. It comes at no cost and revives one from the inside out. I love your post sis. Thanks a lot


    1. Very True dear. Peace can’t be undervalued! I appreciate you dear! 😘😘😘


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